Smart Data Systems and Applications (SDSA)

The Smart Data Systems and Applications (SDSA) research group of the Electrical Engineering Department at Lahore University of management Sciences (LUMS) has been set-up to research and exploit the opportunities offered by digital data which is being originated in every technological sector. The most probable driving factor behind this digital revolution is the emergence of unmet needs and novel applications in the market and societies driven by availability of cheap database, middleware, cyberware, application software and ubiquitous presence of smart and low cost sensing equipment. This digital vortex creates the needs for research community to think and design in smart way. With this motivation, we have established the group having portfolio in both foundation (relevant theory, methodologies and algorithm development) and applied (prototyping and testing) research. In SDSA, we seek the development of design principles and prototype implementations of smart solutions targeting the specific applications in different fields and areas.

Smart Data, Systems and Applications

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